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Daily Reader for Day 391: Deuteronomy 5 - 5

Matt Carter

One of the reasons why Christians benefit from reading, remembering, and following the Ten Commandments is simply because they lead to shalom and flourishing. These commands lead to the good life. It is good to remember that. They are neither arbitrary nor capricious. They help us. When the Lord says in verse 29 that He wishes we had a heart to keep these commandments, He says it is so that things would go well with us.


Of course, we never follow them fully. Jesus was the only person who did. In Matthew 5, Jesus told the crowd to be perfect as their heavenly Father is perfect. In Matthew 5 through 7, He expounds on what keeping these commands entails, and it’s a lot. He does not say that these commands are outdated and irrelevant. He also does not make these commands any harder to keep than they always have been.


Instead, He reminds us that He is not getting rid of this law but fulfilling it. Jesus, the perfect human, kept the commandments we did not keep. He reverses the Fall and breaks the curse. He does what we do not and cannot do.


He does all this for us. Through our union with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit, we become law keepers as well. This is the one Christmas gift that keeps on giving throughout our lives in Christ. Thanks be to God!

Deuteronomy 5 - 5


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