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You Can Read the Bible is a collection of resources for helping you to read through the entire Bible. Whether this is your first time through the Bible or you've been through it multiple times before, we want to help you.

We have organized the Bible into roughly 15 minute sections that are convenient for daily habit-building devotions. By spending 15 minutes a day 6 days a week in Scripture, you will walk through the Bible in about 15 months.

We have created resources to accompany you along your Bible reading journey. These are organized by day, week, and book. These are also being made available in written, audio, and video formats.

For each day's section of Bible chapters, we have a brief daily reader guide that gives you an overview of the passage and something to think about. For each week and each book of the Bible, there are slightly longer guides that, again, provide you with an overview and some things to think about.

One of the most common ways that these resources are used is in the context of a church-based class for Christian education. Students follow the reading plan on their own and come together once a week to discuss the weekly and book-based resources. To that end, we have also produced written, audio, and video Christian education lessons for those who lack Christian education resources at their local church.

We believe very strongly in the importance of the local church and encourage you to read through the Bible alongside your local brothers and sisters in Christ. We would be happy to set your group up with your own version of these resources to use together.

If for any reason you aren't currently able to read through the Bible with a local church community, we still want to encourage and help you. Bookmark my.youcanreadthebible.com and use this version of our Bible reading website to get started on your own today. This will start you off properly at the beginning of your journey.

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