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How do I subscribe to a podcast?

If you are using iTunes, then within iTunes Select File and then 'Subscribe to Podcast.' It will open a small window that asks for the Podcast URL. The URL is either one of the two links at the bottom of every page that say 'Subscribe to the Guided Podcast' or 'Subscribe to the Bible Only Podcast'.

How do I go back and find days I've missed?

At the top of each day's page is a line just below 'Navigation' that says 'Go Back to Day' and is followed by a number. Clicking on that number will take you back to any previous day.

I'm too late to start. What should I do?

You're never too late to start reading the Bible. You can read the Bible! Check out our start here page, just start at Day 1 on your own, or you can contact us if you want to join a group that has just recently started. New groups are starting all of the time! Want to start your own group? Contact us, and we'll get you going in no time.

What is this Christian education class?

A Christian education class was developed as a way for a church or small group to dive deeper into the biblical story as everyone is reading the same Bible passages together. It explores the Bible at multiple layers, including how it all fits together. It has become very popular. The class and its resources are being used by tens of thousands of people every week. If you any questions, contact us.

How do I use this reading plan and Christian education curriculum at my church?

We're gratified and excited by your interest. We are firm believers in the importance of the local church. Contact us, and we can get your church group set up.

Who does all of this? Why are you doing this?

You Can Read the Bible has been supported by Bellefield Presbyterian Church and blessed with its wonderful volunteers, including: Dave Moore, Jose David Aguilar Posada, Meagan Carter, Fiona Carter, Tanya Carter, Greg Burdette, Madeline Kulp, Andie Young, Justin Ray, Gary Liberati, Maureen Hinchman, Ken MacLeod, John Dolan, Roberto Cantillo, Zachary Fritts, Grace Watson, Marianne Seah, Rosie Wagoner, Nick Bersin, Rhonda Hall, Helen Dolby, Emily Moore, Rick Zimmerman, Matt Jones, Kiana Jones, Jane Carter, Marilyn Long, Renee Hairston, Heather Weaver, Carol Williams, Anita Woolley, Andrew Thorpe, Emily Wenz, and Matt Carter. We could always use your help. Contact us to find out how.

We provide You Can Read the Bible in all of its many forms and formats as a ministry service to grow disciples within the church universal. This is not a substitute for your local church community, but it could be a resource to use within your local church and for you personally.

Please contact us if you need help or have a question.

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