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Immediate Layer Questions for Histories

Matt Carter
  1. Narrator. What is the divine point of view provided by the narrator? What is the perspective from which the story is told?
  2. Characters. Who are they? Who is the protagonist? Who/what is the antagonist? Are any of the agonists relevant to the plot?
  3. Scenes. What are the scenes? What action(s) happen(s) as the scenes progress? Which is/are the crucial scene(s) where something important happens to/for the protagonist? Does anything important happen to the other characters? How is the protagonist contrasted with other characters, if at all? Do any of the characters draw closer after this initial contrast?
  4. Dialogue. What important things are said during the opening dialogue and how does that set off the rest the rest of the plot in motion? Are there any contrasting dialogues? Is any dialogue repeated?
  5. Structure. Are there any key words or phrases that get repeated and/or emphasized? What is the beginning and ending of the story? Does the story show inclusion (similar beginning and ending)?  
  6. Context. What was going on historically in this neighborhood around this time?

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